Fishing World takes a look at a fully-loaded Fishing Weapon that’s built for action...

Fishing Weapon review by Fishing World

REVIEW: Bar Crusher boats

The crew from Hook, Line and Sinker have been fishing from Bar Crusher boats for over 15 years. Here's a recap of the boats...

Bar Crusher – Fishing Weapons

REVIEW: Bar Crusher 615BR

The Bar Crusher 615BR is a full-blown sport fishing trailerboat with seating and lounging for bay cruising and social...

Bar Crusher 615BR – boatsales.com.au

REVIEW: Bar Crusher 585HT

One of Australia's most experienced – and most credible – boating writers, David Lockwood, says the smallest Bar Crusher...

Bar Crusher 585HT – boatsales.com.au

REVIEW: Bar Crusher 670HT (+ VIDEO)

Victorian built Bar Crusher boats have definitely carved themselves out a solid niche amongst discerning plate...

Bar Crusher 730HT – Fishing Monthly

REVIEW: Bar Crusher 670HT (+ VIDEO)

As Steve Morgan reports, if Bar Crusher were to order an ideal day for testing a couple of their revamped hard...

Bar Crusher 670HT – Fishing Monthly

REVIEW: Bar Crusher 730HT

As one of Australia's longest-serving fishing/boating writers, Shane Mensforth knows a thing or two about boats. After his...

Bar Crusher 730HT – boatadvice.com.au

REVIEW: Bar Crusher 490WR

Bar Crusher’s 490WR is a small and tough centre console boat which punches above its weight in performance and fishability....

Bar Crusher 490WR – Fishing World

REVIEW: Bar Crusher 490C

Bar Crushers are best known as tough offshore plate sportfishing boats. The newest addition to the range, the 490C, allows...

Bar Crusher 490C – Fishing World

REVIEW: Bar Crusher 490C / 490WR (+ VIDEO)

We love the opportunity to do a bit of head-to-head testing at Fishing Monthly. It puts us in the same...

Bar Crusher 490C and 490WR – Fishing Monthly

REVIEW: Bar Crusher 670HT

Several months back, Dom Wiseman was fortunate enough to be asked to go fishing with Fishing World magazine. They were...

Bar Crusher 670HT – boatadvice.com.au

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