World's toughest sub-floor system...

Used in the construction of every Bar Crusher plate boat, our innovative Rigideck® system is known as the toughest hull building system in the world.

Rigideck® uses full-depth and full-length longitudinal stringers (longitudinal frames) so everything is boxed and triangulated. For even greater strength we use cross frames between the longitudinal frames to tie the whole sub-floor together.

If you think of an aeroplane wing or aerospace honeycomb structure you can visualise the Rigideck® system under the floor of every Bar Crusher. All the sub-floor framing is braced in all directions to cope with tremendous stresses. (The reason every boat builder doesn’t use this system is because it’s more expensive, harder to build and requires better welding skills.)

To add further strength to each Bar Crusher hull, the checkerplate floor is welded into the hull. This is then pressure tested to ensure the individual buoyancy chambers do their job. This floor is not only tough, it's fully sealed which makes it quick and easy to maintain with a quick hose out. There are no gaps or holes around the edges and underneath the floor to trap old fishing tackle, old bait and bad smells.

Bar Crusher uses the very latest in router, laser cutting and welding techniques to bring a fully-framed, commercial strength, welded hull to the recreational boating market at a value-for-money price.

Until recently these techniques could not be used due to very high capital equipment cost and high labour cost. Now, these precise and fast machines for cutting and welding aluminium plate can be used to build super-tough quality at a similar price to the lightweight pressed sheet 'tinnie'.

The reality is that boat builders use different design technology and construction techniques, even though many try to claim their processes are the same as Bar Crusher. Accordingly, the boats perform very differently on the water.

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