Another innovation to make your life easier...

Our Bar Catch® is designed to assist with single-handed launch and retrieve.

This innovative boat retrieval system allows you to drive on and off your trailer without the assistance of someone else to detach your winch strap and safety chain.

How does it work?

The Bar Catch® is a clever stainless steel device that pivots to engage with a hook/winch eye welded to the boat. When you drive your boat on the trailer, the Bar Catch® engages and catches your boat. Attach the safety chain and strap, then drive away. It's that simple.

To drive your boat off, set the Bar Catch® to the launch position and release the winch so your boat slides back onto the hook. When you put your boat in gear and gently move forward, the catch falls away and you can drive your boat off the trailer.

It's innovations like our Bar Catch® system that makes a Bar Crusher boat such a pleasure to use.

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