Fully set-up as a serious inshore and offshore Fishing Weapon, there’s never been a Bar Crusher 670HT exactly like this offered for sale before (nor...

FOR SALE: Bar Crusher 670HT

REVIEW: Bar Crusher 615C

I’m mad keen for fishing and purchased my dream boat last year – a Bar Crusher 615C paired with a Suzuki DF140. I honestly...

Fishing Weapon and great family boat

REVIEW: Bar Crusher 615WR

One year on and I can honestly say: after owning eight boats over 40 years, this Bar Crusher 615WR is the best boat we have...

This boat does it all!

Fishing World takes a look at a fully-loaded Fishing Weapon that’s built for action...


REVIEW: Bar Crusher 615WR

I've had my Bar Crusher 615WR for just over a year now and I'm enjoying every moment of it.

It's an outstanding fishing boat

REVIEW: Bar Crusher 670HT

My wife Renu and I are onto our third Bar Crusher boat... starting with a 490C, moving on to a 615C, and now stepping up to...

My wife saw it and had to have one!

REVIEW: Bar Crusher boats

The crew from Hook, Line and Sinker have been fishing from Bar Crusher boats for over 15 years. Here's a recap of the boats...

Bar Crusher – Fishing Weapons

REVIEW: Bar Crusher 535XS

I’ve owned my Bar Crusher 535XS for two years now and couldn’t be happier.

It's all about versatility

REVIEW: Bar Crusher 615BR

The Bar Crusher 615BR is a full-blown sport fishing trailerboat with seating and lounging for bay cruising and social...

Bar Crusher 615BR – boatsales.com.au

REVIEW: Bar Crusher 585HT

One of Australia's most experienced – and most credible – boating writers, David Lockwood, says the smallest Bar Crusher...

Bar Crusher 585HT – boatsales.com.au

REVIEW: Bar Crusher 615WR

I’ve had 13 boats over the past 10 years and my Bar Crusher 615WR is the best boat I’ve owned – without question!

The best boat I've owned!

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