Next generation hull design...

Leading the industry in innovation, Bar Crusher’s research and development department is tireless in its efforts to set new standards in plate aluminium boat design and performance.

Enter Bar Crusher’s Gen2® hull design – the ground-breaking result of over 18 months of research, development and testing.

Constructed inline with Bar Crusher’s industry-leading engineering principles, the new Gen2® hull combines key features including a wider negative chine running forward, optimised wider chine aft and the distinctive Delta Flare® – delivering greater hydrodynamic lift for more efficient planing and improved fuel economy, a higher bow attitude and better spray deflection for a drier ride, as well as increased stability at rest.

The Delta Flare® is a complex V-shaped planing plank that starts wider at the transom and narrows as it runs forward. It’s more complex than a simple plank design and is specially shaped to provide lift and directional stability.

While planing planks have been used in heavy composite boat designs over the years, they’re rarely seen in aluminium boats… until now!

Experienced boaters all over the country have provided extremely positive feedback on the Gen2® hull performance, confirming Bar Crusher has again hit the mark in producing boats that deliver the highest level of performance and function.

Cementing Bar Crusher’s position as an innovator in plate aluminium boat design and construction, the evolutionary Gen2® hull design sets another benchmark for competitors to aspire.

Get onboard and experience the soft, non-pounding ride and incredible stability at rest that only a Bar Crusher boat can deliver.

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