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Bar Crusher Boats2 days ago
Fishing Monthly Magazines conducted a head-to-head comparison of our 575C and 615C last week... stay tuned for the video and article!
Bar Crusher Boats3 days ago
Nice morning on the Harbour with Fishing World waiting for the boys from Hook, Line and Sinker - Australian fishing show to get out of bed! 😎
Bar Crusher Boats5 days ago
"Does my boat look big in this?" Isuzu UTE Australia
Bar Crusher Boats6 days ago
All Bar Crusher boats are factory-packaged on custom-designed Easytow Boat Trailers. Self-centering and aligning perfectly every time, our exclusive Bar Catch system also allows...
Bar Crusher Boats1 week ago
It’s one of the most fully-kitted 615WRs you’re likely to see! #fishingweapon 💪
Bar Crusher Boats1 week ago
Nick and Harty had a red-hot session on some solid snapper during the week while filming for the next season of Hook, Line and Sinker - Australian fishing show 👌
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About Bar Crusher
About Bar Crusher

Bar Crusher Boats leads the industry in design excellence and quality
to produce the most advanced plate aluminium fishing boats on the market.

Incorporating exclusive innovations such as the Waveslicer® smooth deep-V hull; Rigideck® engineered sub-floor system; Quickflow® water ballast technology; and the evolutionary Gen2™ hull design with Delta Flare™, Bar Crusher boats are renowned for their superior performance.

With a comprehensive model range – cuddy cabin (C series), hard top (HT series), hard top pilothouse (HTP series), walk around (WR series), rear centre console (XS series) and side console (SC series) – all packed with functional fishing-related features, Bar Crusher boats have earned the deserved title Fishing Weapons.

Professionally designed and manufactured from the highest-quality materials – in the company’s state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Melbourne, Australia – the experienced and devoted team’s attention to detail is evident in all Bar Crusher boats. Every feature of every boat has been carefully considered for its performance, practicality, versatility and, importantly, durability…