Built to handle big swell and messy conditions

Bar Crusher’s Waveslicer® hull incorporates a smooth, deep-V hull that slices beautifully through waves without pounding.

Waveslicer® incorporates a deeper deadrise than most other aluminium boats. Typically this is between 18° to 21° at the transom and even sharper at the bow. This sharp bow or ‘entry’ slices the waves more effectively than boats with a stubby nose. Looking at a Bar Crusher, you’ll quickly understand why the Waveslicer® hull got its name!

The smooth Waveslicer® hull allows the boat to hold in the water during tight turns without the normal aeration or cavitation experienced in other hulls. You’ll also experience less turbulence and air bubbles under the transducer which means your sounder (fish finder) will be clearer and easier to read.

Regardless of whether you’re an extreme adventurer going 100km offshore or a fair-weather skipper who uses your boat on a perfect day once a year, sooner or later you’ll be coming home on a windy day with a metre or two of wind chop on the water. When you do, you can be confident the Waveslicer® and Rigideck® system, inherent in every Bar Crusher boat, is engineered to handle it.

More about hull design...

The Waveslicer® hull utilises a strake-less design. Strakes are the small ridges, running longitudinally from bow to stern, that are often present on the underside of trailer boat hulls.

Traditionally, strakes have been used to try to give a boat extra lift when trying to get out of the hole onto the plane, and also to provide stability at high speeds. The down-side of strakes in aluminium boats is they can cause pounding when hitting waves. Strakes can also create turbulence over the prop when turning. This turbulence can cause the prop to aerate and the engine to over rev.

Bar Crusher boats turn and manoeuvre beautifully without cavitation. Their super responsive design adds a real safety margin and provides confidence when negotiating bar crossings. The light weight and smooth hull means they plane quickly with minimum power.

Put yourself in this situation...

‘You’ve ventured out fishing on a beautiful day and the water is like glass. Late in the day and half-an-hour from home the weather turns. With a 25 knot summer blow and 1-2m of nasty chop and a decent swell coming straight at you, do you have confidence in your boat to get all onboard home safely?’

As avid boaters ourselves, we’ve been caught in these conditions and it can be pretty worrying. Fortunately, the design work and testing that’s been carried out on every model ensures every Bar Crusher is predictable to drive, which instills real confidence. Heading straight into chop and swell you’ll find a Bar Crusher holds its course beautifully and rides softly without the usual pounding experienced in many other aluminium boats.

Best of all, we’ll prove it! Say goodbye to that hard, pounding ride!

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