This boat does it all!

REVIEW: Bar Crusher 615WR

walkaround fishing boatOne year on and I can honestly say: after owning eight boats over 40 years, this Bar Crusher 615WR is the best boat we have ever owned… and that includes a 670C!

Being a little older now, clambering around the 670C’s cuddy cabin was getting a bit difficult for us; especially at the boat ramp. So, we decided to look for something more manageable.

After making a mistake with another aluminium boat brand – and after a very sad six months / six-hour run-time – we were quick to return to the looks, quality, ride, assurance and fun of a Bar Crusher.

The 615WR is just right for us. Here on the NSW Central Coast, we’re lucky to have access to a large range of fishing options literally from our local boat ramp. The fishing versatility of the WR series means this boat does it all!

Everywhere the 670C went, the 615WR goes too; if not faster! Whether it’s whiting on the sandbar, flathead in the channel, bream up the river, yakkas and bonito in the bay, salmon and kingfish (and the annoying red rock cod) across the bar and up the coast at the reefs, or a dolphin fish out at the FAD… crank up the Yamaha F150, cruise at 20kt, and you’re there!

Salmon busting on baitfish ahead? Hit troll mode, then two or three of us can stand on the bow and cast lures towards them. We couldn’t do that out of the hatch of a cuddy cabin boat!

We optioned up our 615WR with the usual anchor winch, trim tabs, ballast flap, deck wash, premium bait station, shade awning, FishMat tube matting, etc. All worthy investments. One thing that initially concerned us, however, is the steering wheel is on the left [port] side of the 615WR’s centre console. While at first this seemed weird, we soon realised, after all these years, keeping right [to starboard] in the channel, and passing other boats to port, now makes sense. It’s like cruising in an American Mopar along Route 66!

Predominantly a dry boat, sometimes there are a few splashes of water in our faces running across the mouth of the bay, abeam of the swell, in a 20kt nor’easter. It is an open / console boat, after all, and it just adds to the fun. To borrow an adage: “now you’re boating!”

Back at the ramp, as well as standing anywhere we need to lasso the wharf, we can step on and off anywhere we want; without climbing, crouching and negotiating a cabin or hatch. Drive it up onto the trailer, the Bar Catch takes care of the rest, then head home.

Just like our previous Bar Crusher boat, the 615WR (which we chose in stylish Ebony Black and Aircraft Grey) turns plenty of heads!

We’re looking forward to another 10 years in this Bar Crusher! We might have to call it a day then – or maybe trade back down in size one more time.

Thanks to Bar Crusher for your ongoing innovation!


New South Wales

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