Bar Crusher boats – early and late models

31 March 2020

best boats for fishing weaponsBar Crusher boats have the highest resale value of any other trailer boat brand.

Testament to the exceptional build quality of our boats, there are plenty of early model Bar Crusher boats on the water and they occasionally come up for sale on the used boat market.

We’ve prepared a summary of all Bar Crusher models we’ve built over the past 20 years and their current model equivalents…

Firstly, click here to understand how boat length is measured among leading boat builders.

Following this list of early and late models are a few more things to keep in mind when looking for a new or used Bar Crusher boat.

(Looking over it, the past two decades have been a big journey!)

Initial builds

  • 5.5 [discontinued]
  • 6.1 [discontinued]

BR Series (Bow Rider)

C Series (Cuddy Cabin)

  • 490C (Gen2)
  • 500CR [superceded] > 535C [superceded] > 535C (Gen2)
  • 530C [superceded] > 575C [superceded] > 575C (Gen2)
  • 560C [superceded] > 610C [superceded] > 615C (Gen2)
  • 560C Apache Limited Edition [50 built]
  • 615C Exocet (Special Edition)
  • 620C [superceded] > 670C
  • 640C [discontinued]
  • 680C [discontinued]
  • 730C [discontinued]

HT Series (Hard Top)

Hard Top Pilothouse (HTP Series)

Side Console (SC Series)

  • 535SC [superceded] > 535SC (Gen2) [discontinued]
  • 575SC [discontinued]
  • 610SC [superceded] > 615SC (Gen2) [discontinued]

Tiller Steer (TX Series)

  • 510TX [discontinued]

XS Series (Centre Console)

XT Series (Open Hard Top)

WR Series (Walk Around)

  • 490WR (Gen2)
  • 530WR [superceded] > 575WR [discontinued]
  • 535WR [discontinued]
  • 560WR [superceded] > 610WR [superceded] > 615WR (Gen2)
  • 620WR [superceded] > 670WR
  • 640WR [discontinued]
  • 680WR [discontinued]
  • 730WR [one-off]
  • 780WR [one-off]

Prototypes: 615JB (Jet Boat), 640CB (Centre Cab) – both one-off builds that weren’t continued.

Driven by innovation, our research and development team is tireless in its efforts to set new standards in plate aluminium boat design and performance.

This has seen countless design improvements and advancements in construction techniques over the past couple of decades; some of them subtle, and some of them glaringly obvious – like our innovative Gen2® hull design.

Extensive testing has proved our 490, 535, 575, 585 and 615 hulls received significant performance benefit from our next-generation design, while our larger 670, 730 and 780 hulls continue to be built on our high-performance Waveslicer® deep-V hull.

As a premium Australian boat builder, we’re always designing, testing and introducing new features to our model range.

Accordingly, specs of an earlier model Bar Crusher boat have most likely changed over time, even if the model name remains the same.

(The specs provided via Facebook from someone who owns a 2010 model [or opinions from people who’ve never even been in a Bar Crusher!] may not be the same specs as the current model you’re asking about.)

It’s important to check our website for up-to-date specs on each Bar Crusher boat model. If you’re unsure about anything, it’s always best to contact us or speak with a Bar Crusher dealer.

Always remember: weights and measurements are approximate due to variations in packaging and fit-out. All weights and measurements must be confirmed with your dealer prior to ordering.

Check out these boat buying tips to increase your boating knowledge – and use our online boat builder to personalise your Fishing Weapon!

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