You gotta get one…

REVIEW: Bar Crusher 535C

I am passionate about fishing, and that’s one of the reasons I bought a Bar Crusher… it’s also a boat I can take the grandchildren out in and be safe. I wanted a boat I could handle by myself, which is why I picked the 535C.




Alan: My name’s Alan Hobbs, I’m the president of the Tooradin Angling Club. I am passionate about fishing and that was one of the reasons why I bought a Bar Crusher… because I knew it would help me catch more fish and have fun, and it’s something that I’d have for the rest of my life.

I’m 55 years of age, I plan on keeping this for the rest of my life and it’s something I can take my grandkids out and be safe in.

We’re up here at Bermagui at the moment with some mates from the fishing club. I’ve got the smallest boat, as you can see it’s called Just Size, and my aim is to get the biggest marlin in the smallest boat. I tell you what, if that happens the whole of Australia will know about it!

I have had a boat before, it was a fibreglass boat. Nice boat, but it just got too big for what I needed to go back by myself. So I thought, alright, and had a look at some Bar Crushers. My son-in-law had a Bar Crusher and I’ve been out with him many times in it, fantastic, and I thought I’d get something I could handle by myself, and that’s why I picked the 535C.

I do all sorts of fishing. That was the whole idea of buying the 535C. I can go out in Western Port, Port Philip Bay. I plan on going to Portland… and up here [NSW South Coast] game fishing. I’ll have a go with the game fishing; safely obviously. Lakes Entrance, Lake Tyres… I love bream fishing. I’ve got the electric motor on the boat, so we can go freshwater fishing and control the boat. So yeah, all types of fishing.

I was told size-wise and weight-wise a normal car can tow it. I’ve found launching and retrieving, especially with the Bar Catch at the front, is so easy to do all by myself.

Easy to clean; no issues about cleaning. Pack it down, store it, put it in the shed fuelled up ready to go next time. Quick. Quick and easy. That was another reason why I looked at the Bar crusher, too — easy to keep clean.

This little girl here, the other week we were down at Port Albert and Port Welshpool. I did, I think, it was near enough 70km in the water and I only used about 40 litres of fuel. Killed all these other fibreglass boats which the members they had down there, just killed them. Very, very economical. I just can’t believe how it economical it is.

Customer experience was more than 100%. It was Phil, down at Dandenong, he just could not help me more. We arranged one Friday afternoon he said: “Come down and I’ll show you through the factory”. I took one of my best mates with me, because I know how particular and fussy this bloke is, and he just shook his head and said: “Mate, if this is the way they build boats in plate aluminium and stuff… you gotta get one.”

As I said, Phil and the factory down there, we just couldn’t believe how organised it is, how it’s quality controlled. I’ve been in my own business myself in manufacturing, so I know what it’s like to be particular and the end result is what you see in the background… and all the rest of the other Bar Crushers.

Unbelievable… unbelievable!

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