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REVIEW: Bar Crusher 575C

testimonials-second-hand-better-than-second-bestI was in the market for a new plate alloy boat in 2012. With a limited budget, I obviously wanted the best value for money… and to buy a local Australian brand.

After many hours of research on the internet, I was very interested in Bar Crusher. While it ticked all the boxes, my budget couldn’t support the price for this premium quality plate aluminium boat.

This forced me to look at lesser quality boats. It came to the eleventh hour for me to sign on the bottom line to buy another brand of plate boat (made locally in Queensland) and that’s when the lies started with delivery times and pricing from the dealer. I pulled out on the deal.

Feeling gutted as I drove the 400km home, I had nothing but Bar Crusher on my mind. I treated the situation as a real positive and started to look at Bar Crusher again – although second-hand boats this time.

I finally found the Bar Crusher I wanted – a 530C (now 575C) – and it was in my driveway just a week later.

I’ve owned a few boats over the years and my Bar Crusher is the first boat I feel 100 per cent safe in. I also love the way I can drive on and off the trailer by myself in under a minute.

Thanks to the entire Bar Crusher team for building a great boat. I’ll be buying a larger Bar Crusher when I’ve totally worn out this one!



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