Bloody beautiful!

REVIEW: Bar Crusher 615C

Just thought I’d let you know that I had another four days at the bottom of Yorke Peninsula in SA, fishing for whiting. Got heaps.

Wanted to let you know that on one day it was blowing Nor’Westerly in the morning and dropped out in the arvo, so Mr. Know All says ” It will glass off now ” so out we go. Travelled 12km to our spot, put down the pick, catch heaps, and then look to sea. Whitecaps, 20 to 23 knot Nor’Westerly that hit us. We’ve got 12km from home.

Now, I haven’t had my Bar Crusher 560C (now 615C) in quite these adverse conditions, and it’s white knuckle time. I have a large swell, coupled with foaming wind waves, and they’re on my port stern corner. Very ugly, I can tell you. So I trim the motor up so the nose is up too, and, bugger me dead, she runs at 25km/h all the way back. No broaching (I was sure it would) and a completely easy trip home. One of my crew even sat in the cabin and read the paper! I was sure on some waves she was gonna let go, but no way, she just cruised home very sedately. Bloody beautiful!


South Australia

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