Apache 2

REVIEW: Bar Crusher 615C

I have recently purchased my second Bar Crusher: APACHE 2.

My first Bar Crusher was a 610C (now 615C) Apache. I thought this boat was awesome, as it handled the roughest weather I could find.

I wanted a bigger boat, so I purchased the 670C and had it spec’d up as an Apache. This boat blew my mind! In 2-3m white caps and 18-20kt of wind, this boat just keeps on impressing me. Comfortable ride and a level of finish and attention to detail I simply could not find in any other boat but a Bar Crusher. They really do an outstanding job of building such a fine craft.

We use our Bar Crusher up to 80km offshore and I would not want to be in any other boat. I have taken the new vessel through a horrid sand bar – the river opens to the ocean on a 45 degree angle. Upon our return, we miss timed and rode down the face of the wave on a bad angle, to say the least. The boat tracked perfectly straight, as it is designed. We felt safe the entire time. Try that in a boat with low degree deadrise and 2.5m beam!

I’m hooked on Bar Crusher!


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