Better than any day at the office

REVIEW: Bar Crusher 615C

It was a cold and unpromising August day when I had arranged to take my best mate Peter out on the Bar Crusher 610C (now 615C) Apache down at Portland.

Yes, it was late in the tuna season, but we get together only once a year, so we just had to get out. It was too blowy to go out wide, so we trolled around Lawrence Rocks, hoping for any late tuna. After no success, we tried Codsplat, Minerva Reef, then Julia Reef – all with no real success.

By this time it had really started to gust very hard with white caps all around the boat. Peter was greatly impressed with the Apache, saying it was the smoothest, most stable and comfortable boat of its class that he’d ever been in. I already knew this, but was starting to get concerned about the threatening weather, so I suggested we adjourn to the pub for lunch.

The standing waves at the harbour mouth looked pretty scary, but the Apache handled the conditions admirably.

After a great parmigiana and a few cold ones, we both agreed that ‘A bad day fishing is better than any day at the office’.



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