BOAT BUYING TIPS (7) – Corrosion resistance

boat-buying-tips-7-hero-1200-1People sometimes forget the marine environment is unforgiving on equipment. Accordingly, every aspect of a boat needs to be designed and built to last.

An example of this is the wiring in a boat. Some boat builders use the cheapest switches, connectors, fuse boards and wire available. Why? Because most boat buyers wouldn’t know the difference… and they won’t find out until one or two years later when things start to go wrong!


When you’re looking at a boat, check behind the dashboard to see how neat it is. Are all the connections properly wrapped and sealed with glue-filled heat-shrink? Does the wiring look a bit messy and not very well done?

FACT: Bar Crusher boats are built tough to withstand Australia’s harsh marine environment…

If you have a mate who is an electrician or a friend who really knows quality boats, bring them along to inspect the boat you’re considering buying.

Durability has always been front-of-mind here at Bar Crusher. Our fit-out team uses tinned wire, quality switches and fuse boards, and glue-filled heat shrink to cover connections to lock-out the salt air.

It’s these little things (the things many boat owners don’t think about, until they have a problem), we’ve always gone the extra mile to do to ensure many years of hassle-free boating and fishing.


We use Australian high-tensile 5083 marine grade plate aluminium to build our boats – and use the highest-quality materials and products available to fit them out.

All stainless steel fittings (316, rather than cheaper 304) are insulated from the boat with plastic washers or insulative grease products, and hinges and panels are high-tech fibre-reinforced composite to provide many years of service.

FACT: Our unwavering focus on quality and durability extends right through every part of every Bar Crusher boat…

There’s really no point building a fit-for-purpose boat and fitting it out with cheap, inferior-quality products… yet many boat manufacturers do just that, in the hope their customers won’t notice – until it’s too late.

Paying such close attention to every aspect of every boat is just another reason why Bar Crusher boats have the highest resale value of any trailer boat brand.

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