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REVIEW: Bar Crusher 575C

testimonials-bar-crusher-575c (1)My wife has had a kidney transplant, in fact two. Wave-thumping boats and transplanted kidneys just don’t go together. Now following the arrival of our wonderful Bar Crusher 530C (now 575C) she is back in the boat, anytime, anywhere, for any reason she can dream up.

I am now successfully chasing the big versions of my favourite species – 52cm whiting off Kangaroo Island, 75cm flathead at Gypsy Point, 90cm barramundi, 112cm black jewfish at Mary River, 1.5kg Bream at St Helens and off to Wyalla next April for that big snapper.

In any of my previous five tinnies it was 'back off the throttle' on the way home to around 20km when the going got lumpy. Now we travel further and relaxed in the knowledge that similar seas find us loping home around 30-35km and enjoying the seeming bond between the boat and sea. Previously, in my other boats, there were times it was a relief to just get home. No more.

For us the combo of our Suzuki 115hp and Bar Crusher 575C takes us further, faster, safer and at lower fuel cost. What more could we ask.

Keith and Anne


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