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REVIEW: Bar Crusher 575C

testimonials-recently-we-have-been-going-out-over-nightI have had my Bar Crusher 530C (now 575C) for eight months now and my two young boys and I are very happy with our decision to by a Bar Crusher boat.

We have had several trips out in both Westernport and Port Phillip in both rough and calm conditions. In June we picked a lousy day on Westernport when waves were over a metre and gave our boat a test run in the rough conditions, the boat handled incredibly well.

Recently we have been going out over night, the layout and storage space built into the boat allows us to take everything we need from blankets, food to a small gas BBQ. The smell of bacon and eggs cooking at 5am must drive those sitting downwind crazy and when things were a little quiet the boys are able to have a sleep in the cabin.

Since buying our Bar Crusher we have increased the time and the quality of the time we spend on the water. We are even getting better fish.

My youngest son was constantly battling sea sickness on our previous boat causing us to abandon many outings when the afternoon winds picked up, he now enjoys lengthy trips out and no longer takes sea sickness pills.

I have found my Bar Crusher to be a very safe, strong and reliable boat. It's an extremely well thought out boat, it's easy to clean and tow, the fold down roof and windscreen allows me to store the boat in my garage.

It really is a fantastic boat!



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