Bar Crusher leads the industry in design excellence and quality to produce the most advanced plate aluminium fishing boats on the market

Incorporating exclusive innovations such as the Waveslicer® smooth non-pounding hull; Rigideck® engineered sub-floor system; Quickflow® water ballast technology; and the evolutionary Gen2® hull design with Delta Flare®, Bar Crusher boats are renowned for their superior performance.

Professionally designed and manufactured from the highest-quality materials – in the company & state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Melbourne, Australia – the experienced and devoted team’s attention to detail is evident in all Bar Crusher boats. Every feature of every boat has been carefully considered for its performance, practicality, versatility and, importantly, durability.


Soft ride and superior stability at rest

Bar Crusher boats deliver a super-smooth ride – a far cry from the uncomfortable, pounding ride of traditional aluminium boats – and superior stability at rest…Most people who have been for a ride in an aluminium boat on a windy, choppy, day have been disappointed with the hard ride. The reason for this is many of the ‘pressed sheet’ tinnie-style boats and many other plate aluminium fishing boats have been built with a relatively shallow deadrise (or V) at the transom, often as little as 10 degrees. In other words, viewed from the rear these boats appear to have a fairly flat bottom.

Bar Crusher boats, in contrast, are built using between 18 to 20 degrees of deadrise at the transom (depending on the model). This deeper V allows the boat to cut through wind chop providing a genuinely soft ride, while the innovative Quickflow® water ballast system delivers exceptional stability at rest. (We’re happy to prove it to you in rough conditions!)

Beware of boats that look great in the showroom, but don’t meet your expectations on the water. It’s a fact that most of the fishing boats in Australia are sold without customers undertaking a water test.

The result is that many boat buyers find the & dream boat & they just bought doesn’t meet their performance expectations on the water.

Bar Crusher’s philosophy is all about ensuring you end up with a boat that is ideal for your needs; and we’ll prove the Bar Crusher difference to you before you buy!

Performance in a following sea (running down the face of swell or ‘with the sea’), stability at rest, fast planing out of the hole and the superior ability to cut through chop combine to make Bar Crusher boats the best-performing aluminium boats in Australia.

Bar Crusher and its dealers are boating enthusiasts who love talking about boats. If you’d like to have a chat about your requirements, need advice on motors, assistance with your research, advice on how to sell your existing boat, Bar Crusher’s head office team and Bar Crusher dealers are here to help.

Whether this is your first boat or you have owned 10 boats, feel free to contact Bar Crusher today.


Cutting-edge technology

Bar Crusher boats are real ‘plate’ boats, using cutting-edge technology in their design and construction. They’re not pressed and ‘tacked’ together like cheaper mass-produced aluminium boats.

The best definition of a plate boat is a boat that’s built using a properly constructed sub-floor frame; heavy-gauge, high-tensile aluminium cut from flat plate and has a welded-in aluminium floor.

Bar Crusher’s Rigideck® system is the toughest hull building system in the world. Rigideck uses full-depth and full-length longitudinal frames so everything is boxed and triangulated. For even greater strength, Bar Crusher uses cross frames between the longitudinal frames to tie the whole sub-floor together.

If you think of an aeroplane wing or aerospace honeycomb structure, you will be able to visualise the Rigideck system. The sub-floor framing is braced in all directions to cope with tremendous stresses. (The reason every boat builder doesn’t use this system is because it’s more expensive, harder to do and requires better welding skills.)

Flick through Bar Crusher’s Boat Buyer’s Guide to learn more about plate aluminium boat design and construction.


Bar Crusher delivers true low-stress boating

They’re light to tow, economical to power, low maintenance and a breeze to launch and retrieve. If you want a tough and functional plate aluminium boat, Bar Crusher is the perfect choice. One of the many benefits of Bar Crusher plate aluminium boats is they’re tremendously durable. Owners of fragile fibreglass boats are always worried about bumping the ramp or the trailer. Fibreglass boats are often carpeted, fully-upholstered and loaded with tizzy bits and pieces that need constant care and hours of maintenance. Not so with Bar Crusher boats!

Every Bar Crusher has been designed for easy and care-free boating. The bottom plate (underneath) isn’t painted so bumping the trailer or the ramp isn’t a problem. Clean up is as simple as a quick rinse with the hose and then parking the boat in the garage. The welded-in, fully-sealed floor in every Bar Crusher boat ensures any bait and muck washes out in a few minutes. Now that’s low-stress boating!

Common to every Bar Crusher boat are three very smart innovations that translate into superior on-water performance…

Quickflow® – water ballast technology
Rigideck® – engineered sub-floor system
Waveslicer® – smooth non-pounding hull design

Read about these design innovations in the technology section. The expert design and engineering in these features had never before been seen in the Australian market until Bar Crusher introduced them back in 2000.

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