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VIDEO: Bar Crusher 490WR VIDEO: Bar Crusher 490WRThis baby Bar Crusher is ready for action

The Bar Crusher 490WR is the baby Bar Crusher many anglers have been waiting for! This walk-around centre console boat is designed for lure...

VIDEO: Bar Crusher 490C VIDEO: Bar Crusher 490CThe big little boat!

The Bar Crusher 490C is aimed squarely at entry-level boat buyers and those looking to step-up from pressed aluminium tinnies. Great...

VIDEO: Bar Crusher 780HTP VIDEO: Bar Crusher 780HTPEnclosed cabin Fishing Weapon!

The 780HTP is part of the all-new Hard Top Pilothouse range... another serious Fishing Weapon and the flagship of the Bar Crusher fleet!

VIDEO: Bar Crusher 670HTP VIDEO: Bar Crusher 670HTPEnclosed cabin Fishing Weapon!

The 670HTP is part of the all-new Hard Top Pilothouse range from Bar Crusher Boats... another serious Fishing Weapon!

VIDEO: Bar Crusher – ultimate Fishing Weapons VIDEO: Bar Crusher – ultimate Fishing WeaponsThe Bar Crusher difference

No other plate aluminium boat manufacturer comes close to Australia's own Bar Crusher...

VIDEO: 20-second boat retrieval VIDEO: 20-second boat retrievalOnly with Bar Crusher!

Watch how easy it is to get a Bar Crusher on the trailer! Every Bar Crusher boat is factory-packaged on a custom-designed trailer, which...

VIDEO: Bar Crusher Gen2™… the next generation has arrived! VIDEO: Bar Crusher Gen2™… the next generation has arrived!Evolution in plate aluminium boat design

Bar Crusher has cemented its position as an innovator in boat design and construction with the release of its Gen2™ hull.

VIDEO: Massive in-floor fish well VIDEO: Massive in-floor fish wellKeep your fish fresh

If fishing's not on the agenda on a particular day, fill the fish well with ice to keep your drinks cool.

VIDEO: Wide side decks VIDEO: Wide side decksProvide room to move

Another functional design aspect of every Bar Crusher boat...

VIDEO: Bar Tab™ system VIDEO: Bar Tab™ systemElectronically-controlled aluminium trim tabs

Allowing lateral trim adjustments (to correct heeling/leaning – common in deep-V hulls), the significance of the Bar Tab™ system is in...

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