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VIDEO: Understanding marine weather forecasts VIDEO: Understanding marine weather forecastsAlways know what the weather is doing

While every Bar Crusher boat is designed and built to handle pretty much whatever comes its way, it's important to always check the weather...

VIDEO: Bar Crusher – ultimate Fishing Weapons VIDEO: Bar Crusher – ultimate Fishing WeaponsThe Bar Crusher difference

No other plate aluminium boat manufacturer comes close to Australia's own Bar Crusher...

VIDEO: 20-second boat retrieval VIDEO: 20-second boat retrievalOnly with Bar Crusher!

Watch how easy it is to get a Bar Crusher on the trailer! Every Bar Crusher boat is factory-packaged on a custom-designed trailer, which...

VIDEO: Matching the best motor to your boat VIDEO: Matching the best motor to your boatGive it some thought

Work out which motor is the best fit for your needs.

VIDEO: Trim tabs VIDEO: Trim tabsHow they work

There's no boat that isn't improved with trim tabs. In this video demo you'll see why this is the case.

VIDEO: Tilt and trim VIDEO: Tilt and trimExplained

A fundamental skill required to drive any boat is understanding tilt and trim – and knowing how to use it.