Australia’s Greatest Boat: Bar Crusher 760HT (780HT)

REVIEW: Bar Crusher 760HT (780HT)

There’re a few boats that serious anglers aspire to own and this is one of them. Quality in every detail, that’s what Bar Crusher is renowned for…

[Note: the Bar Crusher 760HT is now the Bar Crusher 780HT)

Now this is a boat! It’s one of those rigs anyone would be proud to be seen in. Bar Crushers are renowned around the country for their capabilities in big seas and what they were designed for – treacherous bar crossings. There’s a lot of “everything” in this boat. The Cabin is almost double-bed size and regardless of whether you want to sleep there or use it as a tackle room (or both), space is not a problem.

The helm area is large and airy, a nice change from many rigs we’ve tested in days gone by. The (big!) cockpit is where the action takes place and there’s room for plenty of it. Stowing gear is not an issue either; you can fit 10 rods into the launcher welded across the back of the hardtop.

Going over the Bar Crusher, one realises this boat exudes quality and an impeccable finish. Airtight chambers form an integral part of the substructure, along with a formidable rib system under the cockpit deck which no one ever gets to see. It would make a good selling point to anyone who doubts the inherent strength of these hulls, but apparently their design is a closely guarded commercial secret.

But even a magnificent craft like the Bar Crusher had (a little) room fro improvement. For example, the narrow coaming running next to the cabin-superstructure could do with a non-slip surface or lip along the outside edge. Otherwise, the judges loved just about everything else.

So is it a good fishing boat? If you need to ask that question about this model then maybe you need to get out more often. It throws all the best ingredients – stability, space, offshore capability and high quality throughout – into a melting pot and transforms them into a winning formula for fishermen.

The Bar Crusher’s stability was especially well liked by the judges and it’s a quality you can judge for yourself while running into, with, or along a big sea at speed when you see the video of its performance.

However, what really distinguished the Bar Crusher was the way it rated highest in “X-Factor” out of all boats testes on the day. Seriously, if you have even the slightest amount of testosterone in your body, it’ll run rampant when you look at this boat.

The Judges’ Notebook

Kevin Smith:

“A well-finished aluminium boat with excellent stability at rest. It’s a long distance deep-sea machine that would make a great long runner. Very spacious helm and great comfort all round for several passangers. Offers value for money but the X-Factor is off the scale! It’s got balls from top to bottom.”

David Lockwood:

“Built for Australian conditions and serious offshore fishing. Good honest finish with clean welds. A terrific sea boat that, without question, will get you out wide and back home again. Very stable platform that’s well suited to drift and at-anchor fishing. Gunwale height is right and the big cockpit will cater for a crew all day long without tripping over themselves. Inherent seaworthiness means high safety factor. There is plenty of X-Factor in the Bar Crusher. It screams bluewater angler’ in much the same way your ratchet wails as you troll submarine canyons and sea mountains.”

John Willis:

“Good solid, well laid-out boat with nice hardtop. Flooding hulls are an innovation that are rarely seen on trailerboats. Design, layout and appearance-wise this boat is very well done. It looks great, with an excellent finish and is quite stable at rest. It’s expensive but it’s made to extremely high standards. Has loads of X-Factor.”

Warren Steptoe:

“Very well suited for multi-day trips. One of the best boats for handling and ride. Good ergonomic setup although the helm needs a better grabrail. Self draining decks work well and the stove, fridge and sink add extra points. Aluminium boat fans will find lots of X-Factor here.”

Rick Huckstepp:

“Fisherman obviously designed this boat and everything is geared towards this purpose. Deck area is fantastic, excellent welds, paint and general finish. Can get a little wet over the bow in rough seas but that’s the trade-off for a boat that can safely go where so many other boats can’t. Made for planning in big swells and does it admirably. This is a serious boat for serious anglers that oozes X-Factor.”

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