Better than any other boat

REVIEW: Bar Crusher 615C

I’m a seasoned ‘prop spinner’… spending far too many days in various boat retailers, too much money on boating ‘books of dreams’, going to too many boating shows and talking to anyone vaguely interested in boats. My humble boating career started off with a basic tin dish, then progressed to a runabout… but I always had plans to buy a real boat one day.

I have four children, we live by the water and we all love to dive, fish, ski and generally go exploring along Tasmania’s fantastic coastline. Being so close to many boat ramps and with lots of options depending on the weather and sea conditions we can always get out and have some fun. Boating is one of those activities that can be enjoyed by the whole family. Boating is also one of those activities that can be done all year (yeah I know all my mainland friends will be wondering about this but you are all too soft!). Each season brings with it a range of different conditions and fishing/diving options. So my first criteria was a boat that could take six adults and could handle the vagaries of the weather that can occur here at anytime of the year. Its nice to know that irrespive of what ‘huey’ throws at you that you can get home safely and dry.

My next issue was I wanted a boat that I could ‘garage’. Simply we found that by leaving all our gear in the boat and securing the boat in the shed meant that we can be out on the water very quickly and effortlessly. So after each trip we clean our gear and wash down the boat, dry everything and lock it all way in the shed. I needed a boat that somehow was big enough and provided some protection for the occupants but somehow fitted through an average rollerdoor. Sure I could of modified my shed but that is the beauty of the Bar Crusher… the way the roof and screen folds is simply, in my opinion a brilliant idea that works. It is simple, well engineered and effortless. We can be on the water in 10-15 minutes. We simply pull the boat out of the shed, fold up the screen, secure the roof, hook-up the boat, pack the kids in the car and we are ready to go.

The next factor was a boat that was well designed and built, that was a good fishing boat, good access for diving, enough floor room and storage for all our gear but it had to be one that was practical, safe, easy to clean with not a lot of fiddly bits and piece to break, break off or breakdown. That’s what so cool about the Bar Crusher: they are strong and extremely well designed and built. The quality is obvious to anyone who cares to compare with other boats, in this style and class of boat. It wasn’t one thing alone but all those things together. The sealed and pressure tested air chambers, the water ballast system, the kill tank, the anchor, the helm, the rod holders, the rocket launcher, the marlin board, the trailer… this is a complete package, designed for people who want to keep things simple but want something that works a treat.

That brings me to Bar Crusher and its biggest claim: high-performance plate aluminium boats. Well, it’s true. It’s unfair to compare them to my previous boats, but previously every trip I went on I always thought it could be my last given the ‘bashing’ my back used to get. Now I just sit at the helm and we cruise along.

In a nut shell, the Bar Crusher is the smoothest-riding aluminium boat I’ve even ridden in and that is the key to having satisfied customers. If the manufacturer and seller says that it is a smooth and tough boat and you get something else, then you feel ripped off. Bar Crusher are rightly proud of their product and their marketing in my opinion is accurate and honest.

I spent many years looking for a new boat, in fact my children think I should name our new Bar Crusher the ‘Procrastinator’. The buying journey was long but useful, as I went through all the options, assessed all the models… all this process was useful because it helped me define what it is I wanted in a boat. Whilst the Bar Crusher was a bit beyond what I had palnned to spend, it ticked all the boxes and more, so i just had to wait a little longer and save a little harder. But I’ve got a boat that we all love and that makes a day on the water even more pleasure than in the past.

For me, Bar Crusher produced a boat that best meets all of my needs better than any other boat on the market.

Believe me Bar Crusher make bloody good boats.

To Peter and the team at Bar Crusher… thank you and keep up the good work.



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