Premium baitstations

26 February 2020

Our unwavering focus on innovation over the past 20 years has meant we’ve continually improved our boats… from design, construction, performance and developing new models, through to standard features and new personalisation options… here’s another one!

Featuring integrated dual slide-out drawers, these new premium baitstations are based on the framework of our existing ‘deluxe’ and ‘mini deluxe’ baitboards and are permanently fixed to the transom. The large drawers are lined with deck grip, to help prevent gear sliding around in rough conditions, and are secured with bungy cord on each side.

Just like the ‘deluxe’ and ‘mini deluxe’ baitboards (which have a large-volume storage shelf underneath), the two-drawer version incorporates rod holders, drink holders, and has a durable cutting board that can be removed for cleaning and also replaced when worn.

The premium two-drawer baitstation is available in two sizes: one for our 615BR, 615C, 615HT, 615XS and 615WR; plus a larger version for our 670BR, 670C, 670HT, 670XS, 670XT, 670WR, 730HT, 730HTP, 730XT, 780HT, 780HTP and 780XT.

Check out our online boat builder to personalise your Fishing Weapon!

(Yes… this personalisation option is available as an aftermarket upgrade to be retro-fitted to relevant Bar Crusher boats. Click here for a list of all models we’ve built over the past 20 years and their current model equivalents. Contact your nearest Bar Crusher dealer for pricing.)

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