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Folding hard top

Easy boat storage

The folding hard top of our C series reduces the boat's on-trailer height by up to a metre for easy storage in most garages and...

Bar Crusher 670BR

Model overview

Model overview of the Bar Crusher 670BR, presented by Hook, Line & Sinker's Nick Duigan and Andrew Hart. Having had over a dozen Bar Crusher...

Bar Crusher 615C

Model overview

Model overview of the Bar Crusher 615C, featuring our innovative Gen2 hull design. We take you through all the features of the 615C, including the...


Bar Crusher boats

Nick and Harty, from Australian fishing TV show Hook, Line and Sinker, have spent more time in Bar Crusher boats than just about anyone else......

Ultimate Fishing Weapon

Bar Crusher 670HT

Bar Crusher's 670HT is the ultimate trailerable gamefishing boat. Chase the marlin bite right around Australia in this genuine Fishing Weapon!

Bar Crusher 575C vs 615C

Head-to-head comparison: 575C vs 615C

As Fishing Monthly's Steve Morgan puts it: "The question is not whether you should buy a Bar Crusher... it's which Bar Crusher is the best...

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