VIDEO: Circling the Apple Isle in a 670HT

24 August 2015

Our mates – and Bar Crusher fans – Andrew Hart and Nick Duigan from Australian fishing TV show Hook, Line and Sinker completed a circumnavigation of Tasmania in a 670HT a while back.

Anyone who knows how treacherous the waters often are around our southernmost state (don’t forget: the next stop is Antarctica!) will appreciate the conditions the boys encountered on their 750nm+ journey.

Running the gauntlet of Tasmania’s untamed, uninhabited and unforgiving west coast – head-on into a 5-6m swell, plus wind chop – remains their greatest adventure to date!

Living up to its title as Australia’s Greatest Boat, the 670HT performed exceptionally well – averaging 30kt throughout most of the trip; and down to around 15kt while charging the mighty Southern Ocean. (A far cry from the slow and uncomfortable journey endured by early explorers of this remote and rugged coastline!)

If you didn’t catch it when it went to air on TV, check out a snapshot of their adventure in this video!


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