BOAT BUYING TIPS (6) – Boat maintenance

How many times have you heard boat owners say “the worst part of fishing is cleaning the boat”?

Serious anglers and family boaters want to spend as little time as possible maintaining the boat and as much time as possible on the water. To achieve this, everything must be designed and built to minimise maintenance.

Bar Crusher boats are designed so that after a long day on the water you can hose the boat out in minutes. On a hot day, the whole boat will be clean and dry within hours. Everything on a Bar Crusher boat is easy to access, easy to clean and built to provide a good service life.

Bar Crusher’s super-strong Rigideck® checkerplate floor system is very easy to maintain and there are no annoying little gaps around the edges. The checkerplate floor is completely sealed so nothing can get under the floor. (No tackle, no stinking bait, no rusty tools, no old bits of fishing line.)

The floor itself is clear of obstructions and quick to hose out. (No smells and no wet carpet.) To soften the floor under foot, Bar Crusher can supply its FishMat™ matting product. This non-slip matting is spongy under foot and requires no maintenance whatsoever.

As long as it took you to read this blog post, is about as long as it will take you to clean a Bar Crusher boat!

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