BOAT BUYING TIPS (4) – What does water ballast do?

You guessed it… another common question from prospective boat buyers! ‘What does water ballast do?’

Water ballast technology is a fantastic way to combine the soft-riding benefits of a deep V hull and great stability at rest.

In the past, boat designers have had to compromise by building flatter hulls to achieve the required stability at rest. As we all know, a flatter hull shape means a hard, pounding ride. (You may have ridden in another aluminium boat on a windy day and found the ride to be almost unbearable.)

Bar Crusher has worked hard to promote the benefits of water ballast technology in Australia. As a result, a huge number of anglers are finding that as a fishing platform, the improved stability at rest is hard to beat.

Our design uses a deep V hull for a superior, non-pounding ride and an innovative water ballast system for excellent stability at rest. Enter Quickflow® water ballast technology…

Running along the full length of the keel, there is a cavity in the bottom of the hull, open at the transom. When the boat stops, this fills, becomes ballast, lowers the chines into the water and provides good stability. The moment the boat moves forward, the water ballast is jettisoned from the hull allowing the boat to fly up onto the plane. Interestingly, there is no lag when accelerating, just a smooth and fast transition onto the plane.

Yep… Bar Crusher offers the best of both worlds! Soft cut and ride through wind chop and a really stable fishing platform at rest.

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