Bar Crusher – raising the bar again

10 April 2006

Bar Crusher now offers an exclusive range of very special paint colours, further separating these boats from the pack.

Utilising the same paint system as that used by BMW, Mercedes Benz and Porsche, the metal flake and pearlised finish creates a special, rich and deep look that’s seen only on the best European prestige cars.

The classy, new colour schemes are offered as a factory option on every model in Bar Crusher’s impressive range. Colours include Reef Blue (Light Blue / Silver), Ocean Blue (Mid Smoky Blue), Gun Metal (Charcoal / Silver), Titanium (Silver), and Liquid Bronze (Champagne).

Bar Crusher’s Peter Cleland said today’s consumers had very high expectations and thought it was time to offer people a special and exclusive look.

“Many clients still love our pristine white hull colours, as gaff strikes and scratches can be so easily repaired,” Peter said.

“However, there are always clients who want something special and it’s our brief to ensure they have choice.

“Like all things at Bar Crusher, when we decide to offer something new we look at the best manufacturers in the world and use the same technology.

“If a paint system is good enough for BMW, Mercedes and Porsche, we’ll use it too!”

Bar Crusher dealers around the country have sample colour plates on hand, and can offer advice as to the best colour for every boating and fishing application.

Further information: Bar Crusher Boats – (03) 9792 2999 or visit:

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